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What are NK-2000?

A NK-2000 by Ned Kelly Bike Rack is a secure and space efficient bicycle rack that can be mounted onto a solid or hollow wall surface, as well as metal railing or barriers. It is a durable vertical fixture which is the best way to make the most of available space or to use space that would otherwise be dead. It is versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors and suits all makes and models of bikes, as well as supporting those with mud guards.

Australian Bollards’ NK-2000 has the ability to fully support bikes without causing any damage to the frame or wheels, it allows for locking of both the frame and wheel so pressure is not placed solely on the spokes.

The NK-2000 by Ned Kelly Bike Rack is the best way to maximise space, particularly in residential apartments, car parks, schools and universities where space may be limited.

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To allow for a large number of bikes to be stored in a particular area, the racks can be installed at staggered heights and at 400mm apart so the handlebars do not overlap

The bike racks are constructed from mild steel and can be manufactured with a powder coated black or stainless steel finish, they measure 600mm X 700mm.

At NJM Group we are committed to providing products and services of a high quality that consistently meet our customer expectations and industry standards. NK-2000 by Ned Kelly Bike Racks have been tested and are compliant with Australian Standards AS2890.3 for Bicycle Parking Facilities. They can be installed on our locally manufactured bike shelters or crash rail containment barriers as well as being complimented by our fixed bollards for further protection against vehicles that may be parking close by. Australian Bollards can offer a customised solution to suit your bike storage needs.


About NJM Group


Ned Kelly Bike Racks Logo NJM Icon

Proudly by Australian Bollards

NJM Group – Australian Bollards is a leading manufacturer of NK-2000 and can customise any installation to suit your specific requirements.

We are a local business located in Heidelberg, Victoria. With local manufacturing facilities and a friendly team on stand-by we are equipped to service your Ned Kelly Bike Rack requests.

NJM Group was founded in 1992 with six employees in a 32 sq. metre facility. They began providing services to Universities, local and regional manufacturing Companies and Shell Australia within Victoria and Tasmania.

Australian Bollards began designing and manufacturing NK-2000 with the philosophy to supply the highest quality products backed by reliable engineering and testing. Australian Bollards’ ability to consider technical and commercial considerations collectively is what has made our company unique.

Our customers rely on NK-2000 to perform as expected and it is our experience, technical expertise, and integrity which provides this assurance. Should you require additional information, or require support for a unique marine fender solution, Australian Bollards’ engineers are available around the clock to satisfy your requirements.

Our team actively strives to understand each of our customer’s requirements, so that we can implement the right product and service solution in the most time and cost effective manner possible. We offer superior service and proactively pursue faster and more efficient techniques to improve the cost and quality of our products and service.

The next step for NJM Group is to increase our status as a Current Preferred Domestic Supplier of our services and to become a competitive International supplier of our superior NK-2000 by Ned Kelly Bike Racks.



We are committed to providing products and services of a high quality that consistently meet and/or exceed our customer expectations and the Industry Standards. Our services are available 24/7 to cater to the need of our clients.

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From manufacturing and distributing facilities in Heidelberg West, we service a wide range of clients located throughout Australia.

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Our Australian made and developed bollards, have come a long way from the simple rigid post construction of yester year.

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Our team will be there from start to finish to deliver the high standard of service on which we have built our reputation.


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We provide you the perfect economic and cost effective, must have budget solution, for your specific needs.
Since its inception in 1992, in excess of 22 years the Australian Bollards team, has been successfully been providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise, guiding many thousands of customers on the correct bollard selections, appropriate to their specific projects applications.


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